About Us

Hello! My name is James and I'm the creator of Ultralight Unknown. As of right now, this is a website that consists of a bunch of ultralight backpacking gear that I personally feel is fantastic value, yet underrated and/or unknown in the ultralight backpacking community! I don't believe that you always need to pay for the name brands in order to get high quality goods - sometimes you can find basically the exact same (and sometimes EXACTLY the same) items without the logos for drastically less money! 

That brings me to the next point: brands. Over the next few months as this site grows (hopefully), my plan is to start reaching out to cottage vendors all over the world and develop relationships with them that will allow me to sell their products here, on UltralightUnknown.com. This will allow the site to become a one-stop-shop for the less popular brands out there that still make fantastic products, thus giving them the extra eyes they need to grow and prosper! 

So that is the goal of the site - to eventually become a sort of 'voice for the voiceless' when it comes to unknown or less popular ultralight backpacking gear! Make sure to check back in with us regularly - I'll be adding new gear to the site every few days for the next couple months!