Shipping and Returns

Shipping: For now, full disclosure: Most of the items sold in this store are shipping from warehouses all over the world - primarily in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Due to this, shipping times will vary depending on what exactly you order. Some things may arrive in a few days, and others may take as long as about 4 weeks to arrive depending on where in the world you live and where the product is shipping from. As the store grows in popularity I will likely be able to streamline the shipping processes to reduce shipping times, but until then I just ask that you be patient! If you have any questions, feel free to email me - I'm always here to help! 

For My Wonderful Customers in India: I'm currently testing a few different shipping companies for shipping to India, so the shipping times may vary - be patient, your gear will arrive - it may just be either much sooner or much later than expected! 

Returns: For now, the returns policy is going to be simple until I can sort everything out. I have decided to launch this site before figuring out every possible scenario, so we'll be updating this policy as I improve things! 

The policy is as follows:

If the item you ordered was shipped to a US address: You have exactly 5 days (120 hours) from the time at which your package was delivered to your property to send it back to me at the return address listed below. That means it needs to have a shipping label that has been scanned into the mail system by then. Unfortunately at least for now I can't afford to cover your return shipping costs, so you (the buyer) is responsible for all return shipping costs. Items must be in like-new condition with all original packaging included. Feel free to try on a backpack or whatever it is you bought, just save all the plastic and tags so that you can package it all back up in case you need to return it! Your help in this matter is very much appreciated! 

Once I receive the package and confirm that all returned items are there and in acceptable condition based on the above specifications (and confirm that it shipped on time), I'll gladly give you a full refund! 

Off the record, to be totally transparent, the five days rule currently exists because I can't afford to eat the cost of these items, so I need to be able to return them within the allowable time frame to my manufacturers to get a refund myself. If they don't make it back to me in time to do that, I'm out the full cost of that item, and the margins on most of these things are extremely low, so it would take a ton of sales to make up for even one late item. In the future this system will likely change, but for the time being this is how it has to be! So thank you for putting up with it! 

If the item was shipped to an address outside the US: At least for right now, there will be no returns.

However, off the official record, over the next few weeks (hopefully by the time you actually receive the item you ordered) I will hopefully have figured something out to make returns work from all over the world. However, for right now, plan on not being able to return whatever you buy (unless it arrives damaged, in which case most items sold on this website have warranties that I can do my best to help you claim with the manufacturer directly). 

Note to my great new customers: I am completely new to running an online store. If you have any problems with any items you order, or any questions at all for that matter, I promise I will do my absolute best to help you out - so don't hesitate to contact me! I may be able to make something work for you! 

My contact info at this moment is Shoot me an email with any questions! I will have a company phone number up and running soon. 

The return address is: 

Ultralight Unknown

13389 Folsom Blvd Ste 300 #113,

Folsom, CA 95630