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3F UL LanShan 2 - 2 Person Trekking Pole Tent (2021 Version)

3F UL LanShan 2 - 2 Person Trekking Pole Tent (2021 Version)

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This tent is widely regarded as the best value tent in the backpacking industry right now - plain and simple.

Weighing in at a featherlight 2.3lbs (1060g) it is literally half the weight of many of its competitors, if not even less! This tent only weighs a few more ounces than the 700 dollar ZPacks Duplex, which is absolutely incredible considering you could buy 4 of these for the price of that tent!

All of that said, this is still an extremely durable tent as well - and has been trail tested by thousands of hardcore backpackers and thru-hikers all around the world for years. 

This is a double walled tent, which means that the fly and the inner can be set up completely separately. This is great for setting up the tent in the rain, because you can put the fly up first, and then attach the inner mesh section so that it doesn't get wet! It also keeps any tent condensation (from your breath) from dripping on you in the morning after a cold night, which is very nice!

It also means that on a nice night you can set up the tent without the rain fly and enjoy the clean air and nice sky views! Not a common feature in a tent of this weight. 

Is a trekking pole tent right for you?

This is a trekking pole tent, which means it has none of its own tent poles. You use two trekking poles to prop up the corners, and then simply stake down the edges. The benefit of this is that you no longer have to carry big heavy tent poles that are easily broken, and the setup is an absolute breeze! Now you may be thinking that this sounds unstable, or unreliable if ground conditions aren't ideal, but trust me - these tents are used by people who spend 6 months at a time living in them in every adverse condition imaginable, and they are still able to set them up pretty much anywhere - which means that you can too! Have some faith in yourself!

What if I don't like hiking with trekking poles?

That is perfectly fine! We actually sell some extremely lightweight yet sturdy carbon fiber tent poles for this exact tent for a very reasonable price, and they'll only add a couple ounces to your tent, keeping it well under 3lbs! Still lighter than most comparable tents!



1060g / 2.33 lbs (Fly:545g Inner:515g)

Trail weight including extras: 

1220g / 43oz, 
Stakes+sack-90g, Footprint-145g, Guyline-30g, Compression sack-36g


Inner: 220cm x 110cm (43.5in x 87in)

Height: 120cm (47.3 in)

Max footprint dimensions: 270cm x 270cm (106in x 106in)

Fly Material: 15d Nylon (Waterproof index 4000mm)

Floor Material: 20d Nylon (Waterproof index 8000m)

Seam Sealed? Yes! This tent is fully seam sealed from the factory - no need to do it yourself. 

*Does not include trekking poles*

Note: This tent may ship to you with the name "Flame's Creed" printed on it instead of 3F UL Gear - this is simply a re-branded version of the same tent for different markets. No need to worry, the tents are identical! 

Shipping Options: You may be wondering why there are multiple countries this tent ships from! This is to optimize your shipping times depending on where you live in the world - so I'd recommend picking the country closest to you for the fastest shipping times! I simply haven't figured out how to automate this yet, so for now we'll do it this way - thank you for understanding! 

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