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Ultralight Unknown

Ultralight Bug Bivy (Full & Partial Mesh Versions)

Ultralight Bug Bivy (Full & Partial Mesh Versions)

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Weight: 230g/0.51lbs (Mesh), 260g/0.57lbs (Silnylon)

Floor dimension: 200cm x 65cm/6.56ft x 2.13ft.

Height: At the footbed is 50cm/1.67ft, and the head is 60cm/2ft.

These are extremely well made, yet simple bug bivys. They are insanely light, are just big enough for you to move around in, and keep the bugs from biting you - what more do you need? Pair this with a lightweight tarp and you essentially have a wildly ultralight double-walled tent that is more breathable than most on the market! 

The Silnylon one with partial netting is also very nice because the nylon is completely wind-proof, so if you arent using a tarp with this (or are using a very small tarp) then this will keep you from freezing out there in the cold. The other benefit is if you like to sleep with your feet out of your quilt, you may end up pressing them up against the mesh, which can allow mosquitos to bite your toes - although not common, the nylon version will completely prevent that as well! 

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