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30L Running Vest Style Fastpack

30L Running Vest Style Fastpack

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Weight: 540g

Have you ever had the urge to run 2600 miles with a backpack on? Well me neither, but some people have used this bag to do just that. This pack takes the technology from the running vest style backpacks that ultramarathon runners use, and uses it to make a full sized backpack absurdly comfortable for very long hikes. 

The wide strap design and extreme levels of adjustability allow you to dial this thing in to hug your body like a tailored suit - perfectly. Gone are the days of straps digging in, backpack jumping all over when you're scrambling on rocks or running on trail, or hopping over creeks and having your backpack hit you in the back of the head. 

I've personally used this backpack extensively this year, and have really fallen in love with the thing, so here's my review: 

The first thing you notice is the striking appearance of the backpack. I have it in green and literally every time I wear it people compliment the bag and ask what it is. There is definitely some serious 'look-back' factor to this bag, which really makes you proud to own it.  

Then you put it on - at first it may seem a bit off, but once you dial in all the various adjustments (infinitely adjustable two point shoulder strap adjustments to make sure it settles perfectly into the small of your back, as well as FULLY adjustable double chest straps), you end up with a bag that you can literally forget that you're wearing. 

Then you'll look down and take note of the seemingly infinite number of pockets on the shoulder straps - they are AMAZING, and honestly the highlight of the pack for me personally. You can fit your phone, walkie talkie, bear spray, water bottles, half a dozen granola bars, glasses, glasses cleaner, earbuds, and still have room to spare! It's something that once you have, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it, and you'll never use your other backpacks again. Especially great for rock climbers or hikers who hate stopping. 

After that, you'll go to load the backpack, and when you go to take things out you start to realize just how well thought-out this bag really is. For example, rolltop bags are often a pain in the neck because you have to unclip two clips, unroll it, and then open it to get stuff out - so they added a quick access zipper to the side that allows you to quickly access things in the main compartment! Another issue with rolltops is getting big things inside without the bag scrunching up - well that zipper also goes to the top of the bag, so you can flay the bag open and easily put things like your sleeping bag in there! Also the side pockets and stretchy pocket are extremely durable, even when scraped against rough granite while rock climbing - and man are they convenient. 

It also carries weight surprisingly well all things considered! I've comfortably carried about 30lbs in it without any issue, and you could probably even do 35 before it starts to dig in assuming you have the straps set up well. Those wide straps are nice specifically because they allow breathability without sacrificing comfort - something you don't generally get with really padded straps. 

 And, to top it all off, it's made of UHMWPE Nylon, which is both waterproof and absurdly durable - it's nylon woven with Dyneema fibers, which are what we use in most of our climbing gear because it's one of the strongest materials in the world. 

Overall, I love this bag, and you will to. Buy it now, thank me later. 

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