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3F UL GEAR Closed Cell Foam Pad (Double Sided Aluminum Film)

3F UL GEAR Closed Cell Foam Pad (Double Sided Aluminum Film)

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Standard Type: 410g / 0.90lb / 14.46oz
Double Sided Version (all silver): 508g / 1.11lb / 17.9oz

Expanded Size: 183cm x 56cm x 2cm / 72.05in x 22.05in x 0.79in
Storage Size: 56cm x 15cm x 13cm / 22.05in x 5.91in x 5.12in

This is a PREMIUM quality CCF pad with an aluminum film baked onto the foam to reflect your heat back at you while you sleep. The double-film version works particularly well because it also reflects the cold from the ground, which will keep you even warmer! 

These are also great to cut down into a seat pad, or even for use as a "frame" in a frameless backpack! 

You can also add one of these underneath an inflatable pad to add roughly 1.5 R-Value to your sleep system, which can make a huge difference in colder weather, and keep you from having to buy an entire extra inflatable insulated pad for the winter! 

It also protects your inflatable pad from sharp objects on the ground, which will drastically reduce your likelihood of popping it. Plus, whenever your inflatable does pop, you'll still have an infinitely reliable pad with you to keep you warm!

This pad is the swiss army knife of sleeping pads, and definitely something every backpacker should have at least one of, just in case!

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