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XPAC Ultralight Framed Pack 45+10L

XPAC Ultralight Framed Pack 45+10L

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ATTENTION! Make sure to choose the waist belt size that fits you! Sizing info is below. This is what the "L" and "S" are in the "Color and Waist Belt Size" section are for (Large and Small). 

Weight (With Large Belt - Subtract 22g/1oz for Small Belt): UHMWPE: 1085g/2.39lbs

XPAC: 1129g/2.49lbs

LS21: 1148g/2.53lbs

Comfortable Load Capacity: 40lbs

MAX Load Capacity: 22kg/48.5lbs

Total Volume: Up to 55L

Small Belt: Waist smaller than 75cm (29.5in) - 226g (7.9 oz) - Length: 68cm (26.75in)

Large Belt: Waist larger than 75cm (29.5in) - 248g (8.7oz) - Length: 80CM (31.5in)

Adjustable Torso Range: 15-22in

Fits Bear Can: YES

X-pac Fabrics are also all 100% carbon neutral!

This is a truly modern do-it-all framed pack for anyone looking to carry a load comfortably and not have to worry about the fabric getting wet or wearing out! The weight to comfortable load ratio is outstanding - a roughly 2.5lb backpack with a full frame that can carry 40lbs COMFORTABLY and up to about 50 if need be! All at an extremely good price! 

What is XPAC? 

X-pac is a very complex fabric made by combining multiple woven styles of Ripstop style nylon and polyester, and essentially baking them all together with various types of very technologically advanced plastics, which creates a fabric that is INSANELY durable, all while being 100% inherently waterproof. This means no coatings to wear off, no holding water when it sits in a puddle - nothing. The fabric CAN NOT absorb water. This paired with all the ripstop benefits means it is also extremely tear resistant, so holes and torn seams are a thing of the past unless you absolutely try to tear it apart. 

The fabric was designed for high end racing sailboats by a company named Dimension Polyant, so they had to be lightweight, completely and utterly waterproof, as well as extremely tear and abrasion resistant. This design lent itself perfectly to being used in backpacks, so here it is! 

LS21: (4x More Abrasion Resistant) This is a fabric made by X-Pac that is extremely similar in construction, just uses a slightly different formula to achieve the results. The weave pattern used is tighter and more even, which DRASTICALLY increases abrasion resistance compared to the Classic X-Pac used in the other backpacks here (4x more!). Likely the best option for most people looking for something that will last a really long time! Plus it just looks great. 

UHMWPE: This is essentially the highest end Ripstop style Nylon on the market. It is a high strength polymer with tons Dyneema woven into the fabric to make it absurdly strong. This material doesn't have the inherent waterproofness that the two Xpac materials above have, but it is very water resistant, and actually even lighter than the others! The Dyneema makes this fabric extremely tear resistant, and the nylon keeps it abrasion resistant, so it's the perfect mix of durability and lightness. If you have the extra cash lying around and want something a bit more water resistant and durable, I'd spring for the LS21 - it is well worth it - but in today's day and age even the "cheaper" fabric option is still fantastic for most people!


  - Double V Strap Hipbelt greatly evens out load distribution 

 - Large hip belt pockets are easily accessible and fit a phone (These days you usually have to pay extra for these!)

 - Shoulder strap pockets are big enough to hold smaller water bottles! 

 - Y Strap Closure on top makes strapping bear cans and pads easy!

- Rolltop closure allows for expandable storage and makes pack more waterproof (still recommend using a pack liner, just in case)

- Front pocket durable and very stretchy - great for quick access as well as drying things while hiking

 - Water bottle pockets easily hold 2 smart water bottles each - low position makes them reachable while hiking, unlike most packs

- Tons of connection points for strapping things to your pack - very customizable

- Aluminum frame uses a high-tech hollow design paired with load lifters to make carrying heavy loads a breeze!

 - Back padding design is extremely breathable and reduces all common pressure points on your spine!

 - Torso adjustment is very easy and fits an extremely wide range of people! Unless you are under 5ft or above 7f tall this pack will likely fit you - check out a youtube video on how to measure your torso size before purchasing if you are on the edge of that range. 

- Bottom of the pack is reinforced to ensure it lasts longer


 Overall this pack is fantastic, and if you're looking for a framed backpack that is lightweight and carries well, while being made of some of the best materials in the world, this is likely the pack for you!

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