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3F UL Ultralight Chairs - Folds To The Size Of A Water Bottle!

3F UL Ultralight Chairs - Folds To The Size Of A Water Bottle!

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At about a pound and a half, and folding down to the size of a water bottle, this chair allows you to bring a true comfort item with you without taking up any real space or weighing very much at all! You might think, "Oh, I'll just sit on a rock or a log!" until one of your friends brings one of these, and you just happen to take a seat... You'll spend the rest of the trip wishing you had brought one too - trust me. These sit nice and high off the ground, have surprisingly supportive back rests, a great reclined position to take much of the load off your back, and the sides are designed just right so that when you're sitting in them, they tighten up and essentially create fabric arm rests! 

This chair is the definition of "ultralight comfort." If you want to actually enjoy your time hanging out at camp after a long hike, or just want a chair you can bring literally anywhere, and don't feel like spending 150+ dollars on the big brand competitors, this chair is for you. Buy it now, thank me later. 

Honestly, I have one of these and take it everywhere I go because it's just so small and light - weighs nearly half that of a 1L water bottle and takes up the same space - you'll get a ton more use out of these than you expect!

Personally, I'd recommend the Small and Medium low back design chairs for most people. They are more than supportive enough to fully relax in, and for me they are actually more comfortable than the high back chairs (5'11" and 220lbs). However, if you are a taller person and want maximum back support, or you just want to be cradled entirely by your chair, you can't go wrong with the high back design! 

Weight: (Includes Storage Sack - subtract about 50g/2oz for the actual weight):
S Chair:750g / 1.65lb / 26.46oz
M Standard:850g / 1.87lb / 29.98oz
L High Back:950g / 2.09lb / 33.51oz
S Chair:Chair surface(190g) / Chair frame(480g) / Storage bag(49g)
M standard:Chair surface(215g) / Chair frame(550g) / Storage bag(55g)
L High back:Chair surface(272g) / Chair frame(585g) / Storage bag(60g)

Max Load:100kg/220lbs

Storage Dimensions:
Small: 32cm x 8cm x 8cm / 12.60in x 3.15in x 3.15in
Medium: 39cm x 10cm x 10cm / 15.35in x 3.94in x 3.94in
Large: 43cm x 12cm x 12cm / 16.93in x 4.72in x 4.72in

Fabric Material: UHMWPE Ripstop Nylon
Chair Frame Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Storage Bag Zipper: YKK


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