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Ultralight Frameless 40+16L Backpack (5 Colors Options!)

Ultralight Frameless 40+16L Backpack (5 Colors Options!)

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Weight: 850g / 29.9oz

Fabric: 210D Ripstop Nylon (Body), 420D Ripstop Nylon (Bottom, for abrasion)

Hardware/Buckles are all YKK and Duraflex.

This bag is PHENOMENAL value if you're looking for an ultralight frameless pack. It is extremely well designed for comfort and efficiency, and the materials are all top of the line, especially considering the price tag.

Now, I said frameless - however, the pack has a very unique design in which you can add your closed cell foam pad (which we carry here, they are cheap and useful if you need to pick one up!) to essentially become a padded frame! You just fold it up, tuck it into the pockets on the back panel, and it actually does a great job transferring the weight to your hips, just like a fully framed pack! 

Adding the foam pad also increases the breathability on your back if you have an "egg carton" style pad, which is very nice on hot days! Plus, if you're carrying it anyways, you might as well build it into your pack! It's essentially the backpack version of a trekking pole tent!

There is also a big upside to a frameless pack that nobody ever talks about - mobility! When you are hiking in areas with lots of big rocks, scrambling, steep hills, etc, a hard frame backpack makes it very difficult to do those things! This is where the frameless bag REALLY shines - it allows you to twist and turn and bend in any direction you want, and it simply moves with your body! This cannot be understated - if you are doing a lot of really rough scrambling or technical hiking, a frameless pack like this is a must. 

Now, lets talk carrying capacity - in my limited experience with this bag, I find that without the foam pad frame it is comfortable up to about 25lbs/11.5kg. Once you add in the foam pad frame, I find it is much more comfortable overall, and especially in the 20-30lbs (8-14kg) range! As the weight increases past about 30lbs, I personally find that a backpack with a true aluminum/carbon frame does a better job at carrying the weight comfortably. 



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