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Aluminum U-Shaped Snow & Sand Stakes

Aluminum U-Shaped Snow & Sand Stakes

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Attention ultralight backpackers! If you're planning a snowy or sandy adventure and need a lightweight and reliable way to secure your gear, look no further than our Aluminum U-Shaped Snow & Sand Stakes.

Crafted from 7000 series aircraft grade aluminum, these stakes are ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable. At just a few ounces each, they won't weigh you down on your next adventure, making them the perfect choice for backpackers who value speed and efficiency.

Their U-shaped design makes them perfect for securing your tent, tarp or other gear in soft snow or sand. The sharp ends and sturdy construction make them easy to insert and secure, giving you peace of mind knowing your gear is anchored in place.

Weight: I haven't had a chance to weigh these exact stakes yet, however I have an older similar model (almost identical size and shape, same brand) that weighs in at 56g. These are larger than some snow stakes out there, but if you're pitching in snow it's worth the extra weight for a stake with larger surface area - trust me haha. There is a reason I only stock these and not the shorter skinnier versions - I don't want you guys to go out with unreliable gear and freeze! 

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