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(6 Pack) Unique 4.4g Carbon Fiber/Titanium Hybrid Tent Stake

(6 Pack) Unique 4.4g Carbon Fiber/Titanium Hybrid Tent Stake

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Weight: 4.4g each. 

This new tent stake solves the biggest issue with most ultralight stakes - they are wildly strong! These recently patented new stakes weigh almost half that of a titanium shepherd's hook style stake, while having the surface area of a larger aluminum stake - all while being even stronger than a steel one! Made by an engineer turned backpacker, they use unique geometry and a combination of carbon fiber and titanium that results in a hyperlight yet rigid tent stake for the future. 

This listing is simply here because I wanted to offer a slight discount to those who wanted to buy a lot of these. It's a pack of 6, but with all stakes I'd recommend getting a few extras in case you lose one! And although in the description I talk about these as God's gift to man when it comes to tough ultralight stakes, keep in mind - stakes break. Even the old school steel ones that weigh a pound each break - so always make sure you have a spare! 

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