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Ultralight 800FP Down Hood (Pairs Well With Quilts!)

Ultralight 800FP Down Hood (Pairs Well With Quilts!)

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This is a fantastic addition to any quilt system, or just great for anyone who wants a warm hood that has great neck coverage and face adjustability! The extra material in the front and back of the neck allows it to tuck well under your quilt or jacket so you don't end up with any cold spots! Another benefit to this over a built-in sleeping bag hood is that when you roll on your side at night, your hood rolls with you!

Weight Including Compression Sack: 70g

Fabric: iFlex 15D Nylon (Very soft)

Down: 800FP 95% White Goose Down (Responsibly Sourced!)

Size: One Size Fits Most - This particular hood runs a bit wide to accommodate for larger head sizes, so if your head is on the smaller side you may have a bit of extra room in the hood. The extra room is also there to trap more air, therefore making the hood warmer. 

Additional Advice: 

1. Most down products may have an initial bird feather smell. This is common across all brands, and can easily be fixed by airing the product out for a couple days. Airing it out also allows the down to fluff back up after being compressed during shipping, so it is a good practice anyways! 

2. Always store down goods loosely - not in a compression sack. It will permanently compress the down fibers, which will make the product significantly less warm. 

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