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Wind-Hard Twilight -5° C/23° F800FP Down 10D Quilt

Wind-Hard Twilight -5° C/23° F800FP Down 10D Quilt

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Technical Specs: 800FP Down Pro | IFlex 10D DWR Nylon Fabrics | Draft baffle | Storage bag and stuff sack included

Twilight Regular: Fill weight: 350g | Sleeping bag weight: 509g | Size: 175x120cm | Package size:17x28cm.

Twilight Long: Fill weight: 400g | Sleeping bag weight: 584g | Size:185x138cm | Package size:17x28cm.

Temperature Rating: EN Limit -5° C/23° F| EN Comfort 0° C/32° F. As a rule of thumb, the Limit rating should be applied for men, and the Comfort rating should be applied for women. If you sleep warm, go with the limit rating, and if you're often cold when sleeping go with the comfort rating!

These are absolutely some of the best quality quilts in the industry, and at a price nobody else can touch. 

Top of the line materials including 10D nylon, all warmth ratings internationally certified, the highest quality ethically sourced 800+FP down, and boy are they LIGHT - more than enough to compete with the best bags in the industry that cost 4x as much. AegisMax (the parent company) even offers a great warranty that has been tested by thousands over the years, so you can buy with confidence. 

If you need a seriously light yet reliable quilt, you are in the right place.

What is a quilt? A quilt differs from a sleeping bag in that it doesn't have material on the section of the back where you would normally be laying down. You see, on a normal sleeping bag, when you crush that material, it can't trap air, so it is no longer warm. By removing it completely, you do two things: 

Number one, you save a ton of weight! No need to carry around material you aren't even going to use! 

Number two, because you attach this to your sleeping pad with straps to keep the edges down, it allows you to roll around inside your bag much more like you would at home under a blanket, or quilt! Hence the name! The insulated pad underneath you keeps you warm, and the pad straps keep the edges of the quilt down so you don't lose any heat. 

If you're wondering what 800 Fill Power down actually is, it is basically a "fluff" rating for down. The higher the number, the fluffier it is. What does that mean for you? Well the fluffier down allows the manufacturer to put less of it in the bag to fill the space between the baffles - and that space is what traps warm air to keep you warm. So basically, a high Fill Power rating like this allows you to have a much lighter sleeping bag without sacrificing any warmth at all - in fact it has more room for air, so it can often feel even warmer! The range you will see in sleeping bags goes from about 450FP to 900FP, so "800" is one of the highest down ratings on the market!

Another huge benefit to high fill power ratings like these are that they also compress much smaller, so they are easier to fit in your pack!

You may be wondering then why all down products don't just use the fluffiest down - who would use 500FP down if 800 is better? The answer is simple: cost. Nice down like the stuff in these bags costs a ton more than the 500-700FP downs that you'll see in lower-end products. 

This has a 90/10 fluff to feather ratio, which seems to be the ideal industry standard for keeping the down fluffy and still light. 

What is 10D nylon and why is it good? 10D nylon is currently the second thinnest "tough enough for hard outdoor use" nylon on the ultralight backpacking market right now. It's so thin that you can literally see the down fibers inside the sleeping bag when looking at it, while not being quite as thin as 7D, so the fibers don't creep through the fabric over time nearly as much.  

There are some huge benefits to this! Number one: breathability - 10D nylon is WAY more breathable than the thicker 15-30D nylons used in most "ultralight" sleeping bags - no more soaking the inside of your sleeping bag with sweat!

Number two is of course weight - this stuff is LIGHT. If you go to any hardcore "MYOG" (Make your own gear) backpacker and ask what they're sewing their own sleeping bag with, it will likely be 7d or 10d nylon! 

How to use attachment (pad) straps:

The length and elasticity of our straps designed is for that the ends of the band can be wrapped around the front of the air pad to make an "X" shaped cross and then closed at the back of the air pad. See the last photo for an example! 

REMINDER: These bags will only keep you as warm as the sleeping pad you put them on - to insulate from the cold properly, make sure to pick up a properly rated insulated sleeping pad to go with it! When you lay on a sleeping bag the baffles that are below you squish flat, which makes it so they can no longer hold heat in that area - the insulated pad takes care of that for you so that you can stay nice and warm!

Additional Advice: 

1. If your head gets cold at night, I'd recommend pairing this with a down hood! We sell some in both the Sleep System and Everything Else sections of the website! They are quite comfortable!

2. All down products may have an initial bird feather smell. This is common across all brands, and can easily be fixed by airing the sleeping bag out for a couple days. Airing it out also allows the down to fluff back up after being compressed during shipping, so it is a good practice anyways! 

3. Always store down goods loosely - not in a compression sack. I personally use big pillow cases or garbage bags to store mine - this allows for the down to stay nice and lofty, which is the sole reason the bags keep you warm. 

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