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V-Shaped Titanium Tent Stakes (12.1g)

V-Shaped Titanium Tent Stakes (12.1g)

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These are a fantastic option for a sturdy titanium tent stake! At just over 12g on my scale they are comparable with similar ultralight aluminum stakes, all with more surface area due to the titanium weighing less than most 7000 series aluminum. This design will work great in most ground types, although for loose pack snow you may want something a little wider - we sell snow stakes for that! These are made by Boundless Voyage (ISO 9001:2008 certified), which is a company that has been around for almost a decade creating high quality titanium goods, so you can rest easy at night knowing you're buying something that should stand the test of time. 

Also keep in mind there are two models sold here, one is pointier and slightly longer, and the other one is slightly broader and less pointy. Frankly both will likely work in the same situations, so pick whichever design you think you will like the most. 

Be aware that tent stakes are regularly lost, stepped on, tripped over, and bent, so make sure to order a few extras just in case!

Length: 6.5in/160mm

Weight: 12.1g (Ti1549B), 14.0g (Ti1524A) (These are the ones with 4 holes and a longer nose)

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