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IceFlame UL

UL Dry-Treated 820FP Down Quilt | Comfort 0°C/32°F | 545g/19.22oz

UL Dry-Treated 820FP Down Quilt | Comfort 0°C/32°F | 545g/19.22oz

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This is the quilt I currently use, and let me tell you: it is absolutely phenomenal. Featuring some of the highest quality materials in the industry, this quilt will keep you warm without weighing you down at all! Packed with top-of-the-line dry-treated 820+ Fill Power down (PFOA and PFO Free, Responsibly Sourced), it stuffs down to the size of a Nalgene - taking up almost zero room in your backpack. 

The inner liner is a supple 10D Nylon that is as thin as you can get without getting bits of down fuzz seeping through when you move around, while the outer has the lightest durable nylon on the market, 7D, which is so thin (and breathable) that you can literally see through it. This thoughtful material choice in the design allows for the lightest possible set-up without sacrificing any comfort or durability. 

Ultralight 3-Season Quilt Specs:

Net Weight (includes 34g/1.1oz compression sack): 545g/19.22oz(R), 570g/20.1oz(L)

Comfort Rating: 0℃+/32°F

Limit Rating: -5℃/23°F

Down/Fill Weight: 360g/12.69oz (R), 385g/13.58oz (L)

Surface (Shell) Fabric: 7D Kolon Super Light DWR Nylon

Inner Fabric: 10D Breathable Nylon (Soft On Skin, Minimal Down Seepage)

Size: 204*140cm/80*55in (Regular) 218*140cm/86*55in (Large)

Packed Size: 27*17cm/10.66.7in

Construction: Box Baffle Construction - No Cold Spots

Recommended Height: For size Regular (R): 150-175cm/4'11"-5'9", For Size Large (L):175-188cm/5'9"-6'2"

Down Quality: 820FP Dry-Treated Goose Down (PFOA and PFO Free) - Responsibly Sourced! 

Additional Advice: 

1. If your head gets cold at night, I'd recommend pairing this with a down hood! We sell some in both the Sleep System and Everything Else sections of the website! They are quite comfortable!

2. All down products may have an initial bird feather smell. This is common across all brands, and can easily be fixed by airing the sleeping bag out for a couple days. Airing it out also allows the down to fluff back up after being compressed during shipping, so it is a good practice anyways! 

3. Always store down goods loosely - not in a compression sack. I personally use big pillow cases or garbage bags to store mine - this allows for the down to stay nice and lofty, which is the sole reason the bags keep you warm. 

Included Items: Quilt, 2 pad straps, extremely light compression sack, and a nice mesh bag for storage. 

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