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Ultralight 15D Silnylon Tarp (7x10ft & 5x7ft Versions)

Ultralight 15D Silnylon Tarp (7x10ft & 5x7ft Versions)

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Weight: 5x7ft: 160g (including stuff sack), 7x10ft: 285g (294g with stuff sack)

Pair the 7x10ft one with one of the Bug Bivys we sell and you'll have an extremely breathable, ultralight shelter that weighs in at just 1.1lbs (515g)!!! This method creates one of the lightest tent setups in the world at an insanely low cost.

These are what they are - phenomenal quality durable waterproof 15D silnylon flat tarps! An extremely good option for anyone who wants to go ULTRA ultralight on a budget, and they pair great with a nice bug bivy in buggy areas! 

Six very well reinforced attachment points, high quality stitching, and entirely waterproof - what more do you need?

Works great for anything you'd use a lightweight tarp for - makes for a great sun/rain shelter for you and your friends to hang out under while camping too! 

This particular tarp also has hundreds of positive reviews on other websites that have been around for years, so you can rest easy knowing that will stand the test of time. 

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