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IceFlame UL

Pad Straps for IceFlame UL Quilts

Pad Straps for IceFlame UL Quilts

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These weigh 7.2g each, and made specifically for the IceFlame UL Summer and 3-Season Quilts! You only need two to fasten the quilt to your pad properly, and to save money I've added a "Pair" option to the selection menu at a reduced price! They are quite durable and should last you a long time. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that if you buy any of the IceFlame Quilts we sell they will have 2 pad straps included - however, the quilts actually have 3 or 4 pad strap attachments depending on size, so for larger sizes if you want a more secure fit you would definitely benefit from picking up a pair of these to add to the two that the quilts come with! 

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