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Naturehike Spire 1P Pyramid Trekking Pole Tent

Naturehike Spire 1P Pyramid Trekking Pole Tent

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Weight: 1100g/2.4lbs (includes rain fly and inner mesh tent)

Total Weight of the package: 1450g which includes ground sheet, 4 storage bags, and 15 stakes (although this tent can easily be set up with just 4 if it isn't windy, the 15 includes extras and the 12 needed to max out your wind protection in massive storms) (Huge weight increase almost entirely due to the overly heavy groundcloth they include - I would highly recommend using a Polycryo ground sheet or a piece of Tyvek instead if your goal is to save weight! These are much lighter and only cost a couple dollars. We carry them in the "Everything Else" section of our site!)

With a normal amount of stakes (6ish), guy-lines, no stuff sacks, and a polycryo ground cloth this tent usually weighs in just below 1200g, so it's a fair bit lighter than the "Total Package Weight" would suggest! 

Seams are factory sealed and very well done! 

This pyramid style design is absolutely perfect for anyone who camps alone but wants a ton more room in their tent. It is also widely considered to be the best design for exceptionally windy and snowy conditions due to the low angles of the tent and the strong geometry of a pyramid! So if you camp in rough weather a lot, this is the tent style for you. 

This is a double walled tent, which means that the fly and the inner can be set up completely separately. This is great for setting up the tent in the rain, because you can put the fly up first, and then attach the inner mesh section so that it doesn't get wet! It also keeps any tent condensation (from your breath) from dripping on you in the morning after a cold night, which is very nice!

It also means that on a nice night you can set up the tent without the rain fly and enjoy the clean air and nice sky views! Not a common feature in a tent of this weight. 

Many tents in this weight range are what is called "single walled," which is essentially when the rain fly is stitched directly to the mesh, so you can touch it while sitting inside your tent. The advantage of this is that it can be slightly lighter, however you miss out on all the advantages listed above - and this tent manages to be just as light WHILE being double walled!

Is a trekking pole tent right for you?

This is a trekking pole tent, which means it has none of its own tent poles. You use two trekking poles to prop up the corners, and then simply stake down the edges. The benefit of this is that you no longer have to carry big heavy tent poles that are easily broken, and the setup is an absolute breeze! Now you may be thinking that this sounds unstable, or unreliable if ground conditions aren't ideal, but trust me - these tents are used by people who spend 6 months at a time living in them in every adverse condition imaginable, and they are still able to set them up pretty much anywhere - which means that you can too! Have some faith in yourself!

What if I don't like hiking with trekking poles?

That is perfectly fine! We actually sell some extremely lightweight yet sturdy carbon fiber tent poles for this exact tent for a very reasonable price, and they'll only add a couple ounces to your tent, keeping it well under 2lbs! Still lighter than most comparable tents! We even have some insanely light carbon fiber trekking poles that you can simply carry on your backpack, in case you decide you'd rather carry something more multi-functional than a carbon fiber rod!


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