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Ultralight 3.5 R-Value Insulated Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Ultralight 3.5 R-Value Insulated Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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This is a phenomenal 3-4 season insulated pad for anyone who camps down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit! It uses a patented 3 layer thermal reflection structure to reflect your heat back at you while also trapping it within the pad, keeping a nice warm layer between you and the cold ground, which is where you normally lose the most heat! 

The even-baffle design is easily the most effective at reducing pressure spots when side sleeping, so if you are someone who sleeps on their side or rolls around at night, this is a fantastic option. This design also helps reduce cold spots, so you should be nice and evenly warm while sleeping. 

As for noise - one huge complaint in the pad industry is noise from aluminum style sheeting being used to reflect heat - this pad doesn't use the same type of aluminum sheeting, so it is MUCH QUIETER than many of it's competitors! No chip-bag noise while rolling around on this! 

Another benefit to this technology is that it allows the pad to stuff down to the size of a water bottle, whereas some insulated pads that use things like down will take up half your backpack!


 - Mummy Shape S: 415g/14.6oz

 - Mummy Shape R: 440g/15.5oz

 - Rectangular RW: 540g/19oz

 - Rectangular L: 580g/20.45oz

 - Double Bed: 1180g/41.6oz

Thickness: 7cm/2.75in

Dimensions: See Images

Material: 20D Nylon

Warmth Rating (ASTM CERTIFIED): R-Value 3.5, warm in temps down to -5C / 23F when paired with an appropriate sleeping bag - If you tend to run cold, I'd recommend one of our warmer (Higher R-Value) sleeping pads, just in case! They may be slightly heavier, but if you're regularly sleeping in super cold areas it's well worth it. 

Pro Tip: If you're worried this might not be quite warm enough for all of your backpacking trips, but don't want to always carry a heavy winter pad, you can always pick up one of our closed cell foam pads to pair with this, effectively adding 1.5-2 R-value to the pad! That can often be good for an extra 10-20 degrees when it comes to really cold weather!

This bag also includes a free pump sack that can be used to fill it up at camp. I recommend you use this as opposed to using your breath because it will keep any moisture from your breath out of the pad. 

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