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Unique 4.4g Carbon Fiber/Titanium Hybrid Tent Stake

Unique 4.4g Carbon Fiber/Titanium Hybrid Tent Stake

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This new tent stake solves the biggest issue with most ultralight stakes - they are wildly strong! These recently patented new stakes weigh almost half that of a titanium shepherd's hook style stake, while having the surface area of a larger aluminum stake - all while being even stronger than a steel one! Made by an engineer turned backpacker, they use unique geometry and a combination of carbon fiber and titanium that results in a hyperlight yet rigid tent stake for the future. 

Tip: Make sure to pick up an extra stake or two in case you lose one! These guys can be sneaky!

Creative Features:

1.Ultralight. Just 4.4 g per piece. Enough said. That blows the lightest tent stakes on the market out of the water. For reference the MSR Groundhog Aluminum stakes are just over 13g each. 

  1. Stiff and rigid body. The body is made of military grade rigid carbon fiber, much stronger than aluminum tent pegs.

3. Titanium tooth at the bottom and head on top keeps it extremely durable. You can hammer on the head as hard as you want without breaking it. The rigid tooth at the bottom can break through icy ground and harder clay. Plus they won't fall part because of our innovative locking structure!

  1. Performs well in soft ground and snow. We have cut out a pattern on the body of the tent peg to hold better in soft ground. When the ground around the tent peg is being pressed or consolidated after the tent peg being pinched onto the ground, the filler inside the cut out patterns links back with the ground firmly, so the tent peg could be griped firmly by the ground. This effect is more obvious when the filler is snow which could turn into ice.
  1. Anti-slip hook at the top keeps guy-lines on the stakes. The open clasp allows users to attach them to the tent very easy and fast, much more convenient than those use rope loops to attach the rope.

6. Smooth plastic tubing on the attachment point to protect your guy-lines from wear. Please leave the plastic on - it is extremely durable and should last the full life of the stakes. 

Chinese Utility Model Patent and Design Patent Granted. Patent number: 2019200822470, 2019300273074.

USA Patent for Invention Granted, Patent number:10,920,447.

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